Adair Business Consulting provides comprehensive accounting services that can include:

Setting Up and Organizing Your Business and its Books

  • QuickBooks or other software set up
  • Develop meaningful financial statements
  • Handle city, state and federal requirements for your business
  • Organize paper and electronic files

Document Policies and Procedures

  • Document financial policies and procedures in writing
  • Establish best practices, including internal controls
  • Clarify retention policies


  • Create invoices and financial transactions
  • Regular reconciliations
  • Deposits and payments
  • Prepare financial statements and reports

Payroll Services

  • Ensuring timely payroll
  • Payment of payroll taxes and benefits
  • Filing quarterly reports with state and federal authorities

Budgeting and Financial Analysis

  • Working with you to create budgets for your business
  • Discovering the key financial ratios for your business


  • Relationship management with your banker
  • Working with your bank to ensure cash flow
  • Managing your business’ credit

Audit Services

  • Assemble information for external auditors
  • Representation before cities, state and IRS


  • QuickBooks
  • Management and retention of business documents
  • Standard financial procedures